Our mission, as our name sais, is to help people develop in a sustainable manner
OnWard International workshop based on an innovative Romanian personal development method The first six days of August brought to CADDRU a major success in launching in Romania the EquliTri method, an innovative approach for Personal Development. 12 European professionals from the fields of Psychology, Life coaches, Youth leaders, human resources managers had the chance to experiment the newly invented real-life game called "Alternative Virtual Reality" and how to learned how to use new instruments for needs analisys, motivation and drive map, personal footprint and social change for themselves as well as for their pacients and clients. They also expressed the desire to actively participate in promoting and developing on an international level the EquliTri principles and hold future trainings and forming sessions. This workshop was financed by European Commision through Life Long Learing Programme Grundvig and the budget was 12.900 Euro.
5 volunteers form 4 different countries: Yusuf and Ekrem from Turkey, Luigi from Italy, Carles from Spain and Eliise from Estonia, came to Romania to work as a volunteers in CADDRU. They are here with two different projects: With All Colours: EVS Rainbow for Yusuf and Ekrem and Shining Youth for the others, all working for the programme International Award. International Award is an international self-developing programme for young people, which allows them to develop different skills, raise self-confidence, motivation and a lot more. "We teach the students of Lazar High School our talents and skills, languages, graphic design, dancing, photography, football etc. We will mentor and motivate them to continue with the journey of self-development".

Welcome to C.A.D.D.R.U.

As our name sais, our mission is the Sustainable Development of Human Resources. In other words, what we want is to invest in people, in their personal and socio-professional development. We work mainly with young people (18-35 years) and secondarily other groups. We have developed more than 100projects and training courses.


I teach, coach, travel, write & wonder. As a person, I believe in people and my mission in life is to make people believe in themselves. As a professional, I am an international trainer and project manager and I do projects about education and education about projects.

Teolin Codreanu Honorary president

CADDRU offered me and still does the occasion to meet, work and have fun with special people. I can get involved in projects with real impact, brought by the belief that they hill help others grow and develop. I bring forward my ideas and I can count on the help of a team to make them reality. CADDRU is us.

Silvia GhiocFormer Presıdent

Every day I meet people enslaved by their own insecurities or doubts, and most of the times, these may appear due to a difficult background – be it a harsh upbringing, poverty, discrimination or a major life-changing negative event. The other times, people are enslaved only by their lack of self-knowledge. My dream is to empower people to set themselves free, by inspiring them to become who they dream of.

Alina Poşirca President

“Never regret what you did, but what you didn’t!”

Dragos Codreanu Secretary General