About Us

C.A.D.D.R.U means an organization born out of passion for people and their growth. The evolution of our organization meant not only getting a significant number of European funding and developing educational projects, but also building a team of dedicated and professional people. In the first seven years of existence, C.A.D.D.R.U has became a widespread name in Europe, a leader in personal development through non-formal education. Our dream is to empower people around the world to achieve their dreams.


Meet our team:


Teolin Codreanu worked as a consultant for various governments and international organisations (among them, the German and Romanian Governments, The Regional Cooperation Council, The British Council, The Bucharest City Council, The National Institute of Administration). In 2007 he founded the Assistance Centre for the Sustainable Development of Human Resources, and built a strong and motivated team. Up to date he has managed to almost double the budget every year and expanded CADDRU activity on 2 continents.

Teolin Codreanu Honorary president

Founding CADDRU got out of my comfort zone at the time: something different, in a different way. It makes me happy to help people and I felt useful when I had the chance to build something that creates impact in people’s life. CADDRU is my first child, who now reached its maturity.

Delia Luiza Gabriela Motinga founding member

He who knows a form of volunteering, he thinks and acts differently, he changes a vision and has a special attitude in solving life problems. Thus, he who is motivated, who is passionate and involved, he is walking the path to success.

Lina Codreanu founding member

Executive and board members

Silvia Ghioc has a Bachelor Degree in Business Management and a Master’s Degree in Project Management. She has 5 years of experience in environmental and education NGOs, as volunteer, project coordinator, volunteers’ coordinator and manager. Also, she has experience in business consultancy and starting her own business and Non-profit organization. Her passion is project management, especially for education and environment.

Silvia Ghioc presıdent

Dragos graduated Journalism, Communication and Public Relations in Bucharest. He is the vice-president and coordinator of the legal and financial department of the organization CADDRU. He has over 6 years of experience in the non-profit field, in project management and youth leadership. From 2011 he founded the Association Alter-Edu from Husi, where he is a president and legal coordinator.

Dragos Codreanu Vıce presıdent

Alina Posirca has a degree in Communication and Journalism at the University of Bucharest, and worked in various media companies, Non-profit organizations and central institutions, both as a project manager and a Public Relations officer, creating impact and visibility. As a trainer, she has experience in working with cross-cultural groups and young people coming from disadvantaged backgrounds. Her natural ability is to motivate and give confidence to people.

Alina Poşirca vice presındet

Active members

She is currently studying Finance and Banking at the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest. She has been working in youth projects for four years. Her areas of interest are project management and financial management regarding European projects. Her experience in this field comes from the trainings and projects she coordinated and the attended courses.

Alexandra Plop project manager

She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Philology as she graduated the Faculty of Letters at the "Alexandru Ioan Cuza University - Iasi", and she took the courses of Corporate Communication Master at the University of Bucharest. Carmen works in public relations, loves to meet new people and to travel the world, and this is one of the reasons she is the Coordinator of International Projects Department. She activates in NGOs field for several years having a great experience in alternative and non-formal education, sustained by national and international seminars and trainings.

Carmen Dragomir International Project Manager

Although he has a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and a master in Administrative Law, his alternative Waldorf education made him embrace the idea that "the prime purpose of the school is to support and educate children such that their own innate and unique human qualities may come to greater fulfillment", and this is one of the reasons he is working in the NGOs field for several years now, having a great experience in youth work. He participated in different national and international trainings such as: Project Management, Voluntary, Coaching, Mentoring, Adventure Education etc.

Mihai Dragomir Youth Leader