Call For Participants



Call for participants

This is an OPEN CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS for a Grundtvig Workshop  “The Learning Games” -  using the Personal Development method EQUILITRI™ to tackle adult literacy problems

This call is for professionals working with adults with literacy problems
Workshop reference number in the Grundtvig Workshops Catalogue, Workshop Reference number: 2013-1-RO1-GRU13-31063 page 229.
DATE & PLACE: 14th – 20th of June 2014, Timisoara, ROMANIA (7 days, plus travel days).
NOTE: travel dates are 13th and 21th of June

“The Learning Games” is a methodology & know how transfer workshop on the Alternate Virtual Reality (AVR) method adapted to adults with literacy problems. AVR is a new approach to teaching that “makes use of game-thinking and game mechanics in a non-game context in order to engage users and solve problems”. The entire programme of the workshop is built on an Alternative Reality environment, to facilitate immersion and a proper understanding of the method.
In a SMARTer reformulation, “The Learning Games” aims to provide 10 learners with simple and balanced personal development tools, based on AVR methodology, that they can use to enhance professional development and link education and career.

  • Age: 20+
  • Education level: with or within higher education (university level or equivalent)
  • Work Experience: not required. Priority will be given to participants that can multiply the results (for example, Career Services personnel or people planning to work in career/social/personal development)
  • Willingness to continue with follow-up activities
  • Language: very good conversational English required

HOW TO APPLY: Please send the application form filled in, signed and scanned to caddru.ngo@gmail.com by 20th of April 2014.




  • This is a workshop, not a youth exchange.
  • This workshop is language intensive, will involve self-reflection and self-analysis, sharing your experience with the others.
  • This workshop will not provide opportunities for tourism.

NOTE: we will not accept tourists, opportunists, adventurers, travelers, groupies, holidaymakers, applicants that confuse a training course with a youth exchange!
The selected participants will receive an e-mail by 1st of May 2014.
The Project covers up of 100% of travel and accommodation, food, training costs etc.
The transport costs will be reimbursed after we receive from you all the travel documents, with proof of purchase, proof of payment and proof of use (invoice, receipt, boarding pass, train tickets, bus tickets etc.)

Call for Participants

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